Culture Conversations: Amplifying diverse voices and celebrating culture

Culture Conversations is a brand new FOX 11 Digital program aimed at closely examining the issues that our nation is grappling with at this moment: race, inequality, justice, policing, political strength, and what these issues mean to our future.  We’ll also examine how Black culture has shaped America and continues to influence our generation.  Each week host Mimi Brown will interview change-makers, influencers, and celebrities on weekly newsworthy topics.  

In this episode:

Compton Mayor Aja Brown: Sworn in at 31 years old, Brown is the youngest mayor in Compton’s history.  Since being elected in 2013 she’s made it her mission to advance the city of Compton in every way. In recent weeks, she’s been on the front lines, protesting and raising her voice for justice,  demanding change for her city. Mayor Brown spoke to  Culture Conversation’s Mimi Brown about what it is going to take to fight for police reform and disrupt outdated systems. You can follow Brown on Instagram and Twitter.

Necole Kane: Necole Kane is the creator of, a site dedicated to enriching the lives of Black women. Necole created the site after walking away from her wildly popular gossip blog Necole spoke to Culture Conversation’s Mimi Brown about her mission to empower women of color and how important it is to not let yourself be defined by titles.  You can find Necole on Instagram and Twitter and XoNecole on Instagram and Twitter.

Sharon Chuter founder and CEO of Uoma Beauty and founded the Pull Up or Shut Up Challenge, which is aimed at encouraging employees to disclose publicly the number of black employees they have within their organizations. You can follow Chuter on Instagram, and the Pull Up For Change campaign on Instagram and Twitter.

Culture Conversations is hosted by FOX 11's Mimi Brown, and you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Here's a video of Mimi talked about the program on FOX 11 News at Noon on Friday:

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