2 dogs killed by coyote in LA's San Fernando Valley

Two pet Chihuahuas are dead and a third was injured after being attacked by a coyote in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

Security camera footage show the latest attack, taking place in the back of a Granada Hills home. FOX 11 spoke with the family who tragically lost two dogs from the attack.

"My daughter came running in screaming to us, 'There's coyotes in the backyard and they have Gizmo,'" recalled Tamara Wynn.

In the video, the coyote is seen chasing Gizmo. Tragically, Gizmo and Salem could not survive the attack.

Ella, who was in Tamara's arms at the time of the interview with FOX 11, is the lone survivor of the tragic attack. Ella has since received rabies shot.

The Wynn family is hoping other dog owners don't go through what they are going through. Tamara offered the following advice:

"Don't think it can't happen to you," she said. "Because it can. We have this 6-foot wall around our fence. We thought we were safe."

Tamara explained the coyotes can hope over the fall fences without problems.

Experts say do not leave food out of your homes, as it could draw in coyotes. 

Coyote attacks continue to be reported across Los Angeles County neighborhoods. FOX 11 previously shared a story earlier in the month of a toddler being attacked by a coyote outside the family's home in Woodland Hills. The coyote has since been euthanized.

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