The four most common lies cheating men tell their wives, according to 'serial mistress'

A woman who claims she exclusively dates married men has revealed some of the signs she says may indicate a man is cheating on his wife. 

In an interview with the, 32-year-old Amy Kupps discussed her experience as a "serial mistress." In the interview, Kupps told the publication that she started exclusively dating married men after being cheated on herself. Now she says she targets men in their late 30s and early 40s, and in her experience has found some common lies that men tell their wives to hide their infidelity.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, 16% of all married people have admitted to sleeping with someone who's not their spouse, while men tend to cheat more. According to the data, which spans 2010-2016, the gap widens more as couples get older. 

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Here are the top four lies Kupps says cheating men tell their wives:

1. "I'm meeting up with a friend tonight for a quick drink but don't wait up for me as I might be a while."

Kupps told the DailyMail that making up plans with friends is one of the most common lies she sees, and that being vague about the details is intentional. She says this opens the door for men to return home late, and makes it easier to keep their story straight and avoid slipping up on the details. 

2. "I have meetings" or "I am traveling all week for work."

Fairly obvious, but Kupps says this one should be a huge red flag if your significant other doesn't typically travel for work. She told the DailyMail that if your spouse is taking vacation time for work, especially on holidays, it could be a sign he's spending time with another special someone.

3. "I've got a new credit card but it's just for work, so don't worry about it."

Kupps says this one's another red flag, especially if it comes after you discovered the new card in his wallet. If that's the case, Kupps told the DailyMail that the card could be the one that he uses to lavish another woman.

4. "Don't call my work phone. My boss will get upset if I take personal calls."

Obviously as with all of these, not every man who has a corporate card or phone is cheating. But Kupps says that if your husband keeps the phone in a locked drawer or some other suspicious place, and explicitly tells you to not call it, it can be a sign he's unfaithful.

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