CHP aerial video captures illegal sideshow activity in Northern California

Drivers allegedly involved in a series of sideshows last weekend in western Contra Costa County may be facing criminal charges now that the California Highway Patrol has filed eight complaints with the district attorney. 

On Sunday, the CHP got reports of vehicles doing donuts at Franklin Canyon Road near McEwen Road, just south of State Highway 4 and west of Martinez. 

WATCH: CHP aerial video of sideshow activity

Martinez police broke the show up and the CHP stopped a silver Ford Mustang that was allegedly participating, but they released the driver because of a lack of sufficient evidence for a citation.

Hours later, however, CHP aircraft spotted the same Mustang with a Mazda at a sideshow in Rodeo. Both vehicles got away when officers responded, but law enforcement was able to identify both drivers based on prior contacts. 

Later that day, a third sideshow was reported on the Cummings Skyway between Crockett and Interstate Highway 80. Three drivers and several spectators were all detained at the scene. 

All three vehicles were impounded and the people present were cited for either participating or aiding and abetting in a sideshow. 

The CHP says it aircraft can read a license plate from several miles away.