CaviGold, A Record Label On The Rise

In the world of music there's a fairly new name in the game, CaviGold Records. The label, however, is more than music.

The Seattle-based company came out of the medicinal marijuana movement and has ridden the high (sorry for the pun) to a broader success.

CaviGold started with rock bands and has branched out to rap with offices in Los Angeles.

Bingx is a CaviGold rapper/singer on the rise. Quick with the rap, you might be surprised to learn he has tourette syndrome. He says he's written over 400 songs and was CaviGold's first rapper. He says his ticks tied to Tourette syndrome disappear when he sings and raps.

Bingx is from Seattle and is currently on tour with his new album W.O.R.D.S. Bingx' tour is bringing him right here to Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 18 and Los Globos on Sunset.

Bingx was also in town in October for CaviGold's first annual two-day festival in San Bernardino. The event was heavy on sexy girls, fancy cars, and medicinal marijuana. With permits intact, there was a special roped off area for those with medical marijuana cards.

CaviGold Executive Producer Scott McKinley says the label was launched as way to market the marijuana products by parent company Caviar Gold. He says it's illegal to market through billboards or other traditional avenues. He says music was the only way.

Artist Freddie Hottsauce Smith was picked up by the CaviGold team while building his own brand, "Why Hate." He calls it a positive movement linked to fashion. He's an advocate of all things Caviar Gold, and feels grateful for the financial backing of a label.

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