Car drives toward picketing 'Medieval Times' workers in OC

A staged walkout with picketing Medieval Times workers took a violent and chaotic turn in Buena Park. A woman slowly drove her car toward a group of striking workers and a man got out of the car and started shoving the staff.

"No one knew what was going on," said one picketing worker of Thursday's incident. "It was pretty frightening."

The video showed no picketers shocking or fighting back. The man has since been placed in custody after the violent incident.

Turns out, the suspect was identified as the show guest.

"I would have expected it from either one of the staff knights or from the management that's been unbelievably aggressive to us during this entire process. I would have expected from that, but not from a guest", said Jake Bowman, the striking worker.

Bowman says he and the group of workers have been on strike for almost 60 days. The unionized workers had been fighting for improved working conditions and labor practices.