Wednesday's Child: Can you provide a forever home for sweet angel Ky'lah

Children in foster care have experienced various levels of abuse and neglect and are in the system due to no volition of their own. Ky'lah (2014) has experiences much more profound than others, and this sweet angel is waiting for a safe family to claim forever.

Ky'lah requires medical technology for survival but as we learn from her social worker, there are many dimensions of Ky'lah that transcends beyond the tubes and machine.

At first glance it may appear that she's in a persistent vegetative state, however, she has awareness and some cognitive abilities reflected in her expression in her own special way. She offers reflexive responses and at times some meaningful responses such as blinking and making noises.

Her caregivers know and can decipher sounds that indicate various needs. Ky'lah enjoys human interactions such as receiving physical affections, being talked to or listening to people around her conversing, and especially getting her hair done.

Ky'lah doesn't respond in a way that most people would when she interacts. Some of Ky'lah's other needs stem from a history of cardiac issues and subdual hematomas; and she requires the use of a ventilator, trachea and feeding tube. Ky'lah has a strong team of advocates to make sure all of her needs are met. One of them is her social worker who visits her frequently, buys her dressy outfits to wear and decorates her room at the change of each season.

To that end, the special family who steps forward to provide for Ky'lah will have the total support of the knowledgeable team that takes care of her. Ky'lah receives physical and occupational therapy and has been consistently stable in health.

We're grateful to our amazing communities who support the initiatives of helping children found forever families through adoption. During this Thanksgiving season, let's keep Ky'lah on our priority list to look for a strong and compassionate family that is committed to share their heart and their family with this little one or others like her who have profound medical needs.

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