Can a COVID-19 grading system help save restaurants from surges?

Crustacean is a gourmet restaurant in Beverly Hills on North Bedford Drive. It opened in 1995 and is one of 6 restaurants across the state owned by the An family… better known as the House of An. All of these restaurants are having financial struggles right now because of COVID-19 restrictions. That according to its owner and CEO Elizabeth An who says there may be a way to keep restaurants open during surges while keeping customers and staff safe. 

The idea is a rating system much like we have now with general public health grading - the ABC rating system. Says An, in such a system if you have an A you get to stay open. If you have a C “ get to close. Similarly to that why can’t we have a grading system. A COVID Care Coding system that has criteria.

That has measurements and restaurants that meet that criteria measurement gets to stay open indoor or outdoor.

And, restaurateurs that are not responsible, who do not care, who do not meet that criteria should have consequences …should be closed until they fix it.” She says, this is all very painful, "because this is our legacy. This our family legacy and for any restaurateur… this is our livelihood…and to close without thought or some sort of measurement it's not right.” She says, "my emotion is disappointment and I would’ve to say its anger too.

After a lifetime in the industry… that we are have to suffer and go through this.” And, says the restaurateur, “the anger is coming from that place of being scared and disappointment… disappointment in how our government is handling this.”

Elizabeth An says she hopes the Governor and other politicians will hear her plea to do something to help save restaurants from closing every time there is a surge.

FOX 11's Susan Hirasuna contributed

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