California to provide health care workers with low cost hotel rooms during pandemic

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced a new plan to help support health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the state’s daily briefing the governor introduced a new program that would provide health care workers, caregivers and those on the frontline of battling COVID-19 free or low cost hotel rooms. 

Newsom said several health care workers have been forced to sleep in their cars or at hotels in order to avoid exposing their families to the virus. 

The new program, which goes into effect April 10, will provide workers with vouchers and stipends for hotels/motels; and many low wage workers are eligible to receive a 100% reimbursement for their hotel, the governor announced. 

The state will also be offering free flights for those in Health Corps. 

“They are allowed to stay closer to their patients and provide them the opportunity not to be out of pocket or exposing their families or God forbid worried about sleeping in their car, so they can stay close to the needs in their community,” Newsom said Thursday afternoon. 

150 hotels across the state of California are part of the new program and will be providing deep discounts to healthcare workers. 

Frontline health care workers can find hotel rooms through the website CalTravelStore