Boston officers turn welfare check into heartwarming birthday surprise

Boston police officers conducted a welfare check that turned into a birthday celebration for the caller. 

According to WCVB, the call came on Thursday as a wellness check. The officers then realized it was the man's birthday. 

"We thought it was a joke," one officer told WCVB. "So once we verified it actually was his birthday we said, ‘well, everyone has one birthday so everyone deserves to feel special on their day.’"

The two officers bought a muffin and candles. They then headed over to the resident’s home for a special surprise and sang happy birthday.

The police department released body cam video showing the officers stepping inside the home, lighting a candle and singing "Happy Birthday."

The caller, who was identified as Chris, was ringing in his 25th birthday. 

 "The caller after the fact was quoted saying, ‘The officers made my day!’" police said. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.