Attorney: New alleged victims of local plastic surgeon coming forward after FOX 11 investigation

An alleged victim of a world-renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon investigated by FOX 11 held a press conference with her attorneys Wednesday afternoon.

As FOX 11 first reported Monday night that plastic surgeon is accused of performing unnecessary and damaging procedures as part of an insurance fraud scheme and now were learning new people who say they may have been victimized as well are coming forward.

Victim Natalie West is suing Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert and USC for fraud and medical battery after she accuses him of performing unnecessary and damaging procedures on her as part of an insurance fraud scheme.

A second alleged victim came forward to FOX 11 as well (not part of her lawsuit), but also accusing Calvert of unnecessary surgeries and insurance fraud.

USC academically sponsors Calvert's fellowship program and sends USC residents to his private clinic to get hands on training.

After our FOX 11 investigation aired USC removed all affiliation with Calvert from their plastic surgery website which didn't go unnoticed by West's attorney.

'If they didn't have anything to hide and they had full confidence in doctor Calvert, they wouldn't have been in a huge rush to distance themselves so completely from him, Wests' attorney Leslie Hakala said.

The same day our story aired Calvert posted a press release announcing he had been named the president of the Rhinoplasty Society.

'It's very frightening, very frightening for what he's doing to his patients and that they would put him in that position, it's very frightening, victim Natalie West said.

'It's also very convenient that the entity that issued the press release announcing that was one he owns and controls, Roxbury Surgical Associates, and that press release came out on Monday the day he knew the FOX piece was gonna run that evening, and the contact info if you have questions is the owner of a crisis management PR firm, Hakala said.

Calvert's attorney is denying all allegations against him telling FOX 11:

'Every procedure performed by Dr. Calvert on every patient was consented to in writing prior to the procedure by the respective patient. Dr. Calvert has never allowed or permitted any resident or fellow to perform surgery on his patients which is verified by patient medical records. This case will be vigorously defended, and ultimately rejected by the court.'

And West says as new alleged victims of Dr. Calvert are contacting her attorneys.

She told her story to FOX 11 because she worries what would happen if she didn't.

'This has been the hardest thing for me to ever do in my life, I'm very shy, I'm just a mom, I'm just a quiet person, this is not me, to come out and speak out like this after what I've suffered and what I've gone through, and there's a lot more people out there, I'm not the only one, it just has to be stopped', West said.

FOX 11 has repeatedly offered Calvert and his attorney a chance to go on camera. They have not accepted our request.