Angry fans cause chaos at screening of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Star Wars: The Last Jedi moviegoers are the LAST people you want to mess with!

Last Thursday on opening night, Star Wars fans went to see the latest installment of the franchise. However, fans that went to this theater in Burbank were faced with audio difficulties. The audience was offered a full refund and a failed attempt at showing the movie in a different theater. Despite the fact that the audio was restored twenty minutes later, the audience wanted more.

The Star Wars audience blamed the employees for their rude behavior regarding the incident.

"Video provided to KTLA of the incident features audio of frustrated moviegoers inside the theatre talking aloud of the apparent mistreatment by staff. As the moviegoers are talking, a person is heard yelling, 'We don't need you here,' to the negative response of the crowd. It is unclear as to whether that person was an employee."

Things got so heated that the cops were called! AMC released a statement the following day.

"As movie lovers, and Star Wars fans, we completely understand the disappointment of a technical issue on opening night. And we deeply apologize for the frustration and inconvenience.

During a showing last night, there was an unforeseen technical issue that caused the audio to drop off during the first few minutes of the movie. With additional shows in that auditorium still to come, and the need to test the movie to ensure the error did not occur again, the theater team decided not to restart the film. To help remedy the situation, the theater team offered multiple options, including refunds and passes, as well as the opportunity to see the movie in a different auditorium. Understandably, the impacted guests were very upset, and to ensure the safety of guests and associates, the theater team followed proper security protocols.

Following the final show last night, projection engineers worked to investigate and resolve the issue. The affected auditorium has reopened without any additional incident this morning."

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