Amazon semi-truck slams into, gets stuck under Indiana bridge

An Amazon truck got stuck underneath a bridge in Indiana. (Credit: Town of Avon)

Authorities in Indiana are figuring out how an Amazon semi-truck slammed into and got stuck underneath a bridge in Indiana overnight. 

Avon Police Chief Sean Stoops told FOX Television Stations the driver was traveling northbound on Raceway Road and appeared to have missed, or ignored, multiple signs that indicated a low clearance. 

Stoops said the truck struck the bottom of the bridge with the top of the vehicle. 

No serious injuries were reported. 

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Stoops said the investigation is still ongoing, and it's not clear if charges could be filed. 

The police chief said the bridge has been struck a number of times through the years, and in nearly all cases involved, the driver was not paying attention.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.