For $250K you could live on a bridge in this 462-sq-ft Alhambra 'home'

Talk about a California real estate steal! 

For $250,000, this "unique and affordable" 462-sq-ft "home" perched on a bridge in Alhambra could be yours. 

The property located at 1340 East Main Street was built in 1949, according to the listing by Compass real estate agent Douglas Lee. 

Described as "an excellent opportunity to get into homeownership and build equity," the one-bedroom unit boasts a 450-sq-ft rooftop patio "perfect for entertaining!" with unobstructed waterfront views and luscious green landscaping nearby. 

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The single-family home - which has been listed for 12 days so far - has a 1950s-style kitchen and full bathroom.

We'd also like to note - no neighbors! 

"Property boasts neighborhood views and no invasion of privacy," the listing reads. 


The unique property is located close to a Jack-in-the-Box, LA Fitness, and 99 Ranch for all your shopping needs.

The listing was recently featured on Zillow Gone Wild, a social media website showcasing unusual listings. 

"I happen to be across the street right now and it is indeed a road/bridge sandwich style home," one person commented.

"The home is the bridge!" another commented.

"Can I charge a toll for people to cross?" one jokester replied.

FOX 11 has reached out to Compass Real Estate for comment but has not yet heard back.

You can take a virtual tour of the property by tapping or clicking here.