This is California's most expensive neighborhood: report

Beverly Hills was just named the "most expensive" neighborhood in California and among the priciest in the United States. 

That's according to a recent study by CashNetUSA, which analyzed Zillow data to determine which U.S. neighborhoods carried the highest price tags. 

The study found average homes in Beverly Hills cost more than $22 million. 

Nationally, Beverly Hills was named fourth-most expensive neighborhood in America. 


Manalapan, Florida took the top spot in the national rankings, followed by Palm Island, Florida, then Snowmass, Colorado.

Other California cities that made the top 10 were Bel Air (#7) and Trousdale Estates (#10).

Here's the full list:

  1. Manalapan, FL
  2. Palm Island, FL
  3. Snowmass, CO
  4. Beverly Hills Gateway, CA
  5. Port Royal, FL
  6. Golden Beach, FL
  7. Bel Air, CA
  8. Southampton Village, NY
  9. Sagaponack, NY
  10. Trousdale Estates, CA

To see the full study, tap or click here.