81-year-old woman with dementia sexually assaulted in Pacoima home, family says

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It was Monday night at an apartment complex in Pacoima where there allegedly was a sexual assault on an 81-year-old woman. 

Police are calling it an attempted rape. FOX 11 is not sharing her name due to the nature of the story.

Her son-in-law "Val" (we are also not sharing his real name) said the woman was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

"We think it’s pretty much progressed to Alzheimer’s already," Val said.

When a bearded man carrying a backpack came to the door, she opened it and allowed him into the apartment as if she knew him and was comfortable with him.

"He knocked on the door. She's 81 years old. She opened the door and he let himself in. He starts looking around to make sure there's nobody in the house. He starts hugging her and starts to try to make out with her," Val said.

That was when Val’s mother-in-law allegedly got sexually assaulted.

"She’s not really fighting it off because, 81-year-old Alzheimer’s patients, what can they do?" Val said.

While the security camera video shows what happened, the cameras sent out alerts. Val's wife got up in the morning and noticed her mom was up much earlier than normal. 

She pressed rewind to watch the video and saw what happened. Police were called.

Val says had there been no video they might never have known because, "She doesn't remember it happening."

Val briefly shared his suspicions on who attacked his mother-in-law. He hopes police will find the suspect.

"He’s known to be a lurker. He lurks around the area," he said.