5-year-old battling brain tumor gets surprise Transformers party

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Hudson Brown is 5-years old and he's a lot like kids his age. He likes Legos, T-ball and his favorite toy - the Transformers robot "Bumblebee."

However, back in January, Hudson was diagnosed with a large brain tumor.

"He's a trooper, he's our brave boy," said Megan Brown, his mother. "Mentally it has been tough and we've had some physical challenges too but he's pulled through."

Hudson came to Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak for proton therapy and received 30 treatments in six weeks.

"He has to be sedated for each one since he is receiving treatment to both the brain and the spine," Megan said. "They have to be completely still. So, daily sedation, about 45 minutes in the treatment room. (He) experienced some side effects from the anesthesia of course, but other than that we haven't really had a lot of side effects because of the proton."

To celebrate his last treatment Friday, his mom and Beaumont staff threw Hudson a surprise Transformers party.

"It was amazing, just watching 20 Camaros pull up," Megan said.

Hudson arrived in a yellow Bumblebee Camaro along with a character dressed up as Bumblebee. At the party, he got to ring the end of treatment bell, and also got a special video message from transformers actor Mark Wahlberg.

"I hope you are doing well buddy," Wahlberg said in the video. "I've got you in my thoughts and my prayers. I am down in Atlanta shooting a movie right now. Stay strong buddy, you are an inspiration to everybody. God bless you, I love you, stay strong and I look forward to meeting you in person."

"This is a chapter that's over, the road is not done," Megan said. "This was a big celebration to end this chapter."