4th wave of buses carrying migrants arrive in Los Angeles

Yet another wave of buses carrying migrants has arrived in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday, a bus carrying migrants from Texas arrived in downtown Los Angeles, marking at least the fourth time this has happened.

FOX 11's crews captured the moments where families made their way to St. Anthony's Croatian Catholic Church in Chinatown as they all endured the long bus ride from Texas. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has previously claimed credit for sending the buses to California, citing LA as a sanctuary city.


A spokesperson for Mayor Bass has released the following statement to FOX 11 in response:

"A bus arrived Tuesday evening with 41 people, 6 of whom are children, coming from Texas. Those on board are originally from Venezuela, Honduras, Haiti, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, China and Colombia. In accordance with the Mayor’s plan, we have collaborated with a coalition of nonprofits to connect these individuals with services and reunite them with friends and family in Los Angeles and in other cities. A temporary emergency shelter has been opened for 14 people and services are being provided by City departments as arrangements for travel or pickup are being made."