$20,000 Reward Offered by FBI for Stolen Paintings

(FOX11) - Painted in the early 1900's by one of America's Greatest Illustrators N.C. Wyeth. The FBI put a piece called The Duel on display. If was one of six stolen from a Boston business man in 2013.

After a nation wide search, four of the six paintings were found thousands of miles away at the Beverly Hills Pawn Shop.
"The only reason i gave loan is because he came with a lawyer," shop owner Yossi Dina said of one of the suspects.

Dina is the owner of the Beverly Hills Pawn Shop and star of a reality show. He says he felt uncomfortable accepting the four paintings from the now convicted Oscar Roberts from the beginning. Still he lent him $100,000 and held on to the four paintings.

"He told me he knew the owner for many years and that the guy needed money and the guy was very old," Dina said.

The FBI calls the heist one of the most significant thefts in Maine history.

"While the value of these paintings vary depending upon who appraised them, some put it at tens of millions of dollars, said Vincent Lisi with the Boston FBI.

The FBI started investigating the thefts on the East Coast. Then, after receiving a tip, agents alerted their west coast counterparts that the paintings might be there. At this point a total of three men were arrested and charged.

Lawrence Estrella for transporting the four paintings across the country. Dean Coroniti for possession and Oscar Roberts for transportation and lying to the police.

"Mr. Roberts said he did not know the location of artwork, but said he would assist them in finding the missing paintings," David Bowdich from the FBI's LA office.

The FBI says they believe Roberts told him that, while he was in talks with the Pawn Shop Yossi says he remembers Roberts well.

"I believe they can find the other two pieces if they want to find, because I believe Oscar knows," Dina said.

Yossi says he's thankful he went with his gut and chose not to buy the paintings outright.

"If the piece is legit, i would buy it immediately and give the guy 400,000, cause it's worth a lot more. I was lucky, I advise people not to sell hot item," Dina said.

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