2 women never returned home from night out in Los Angeles; one found dead, the other hospitalized

Three young, gorgeous women go out for a night of fun in Los Angeles, when it’s over— an aspiring model is dead, her designer-architect friend is clinging to life. And a third woman is seemingly lucky she left the party early.

On Saturday evening, November 13, following a Friday night of all-night partying, the two young women were dumped at separate Los Angeles area hospitals, hours apart. 

The first woman, 24-year-old Christy Giles-Cilliers was pronounced dead in a Culver City Emergency Room. Her close friend, Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola was dumped two hours later at Kaiser-Permanente in West Los Angeles were she remains in critical condition.

Their tragic consequences appear more sinister because both women were allegedly dropped off by the same unidentified masked men, in a Prius without license plates. This information comes from Giles-Cilliers’ husband, 40-year-old Jan, who told FOX 11 he was away in San Francisco visiting relatives last weekend.


The story is haunting on many levels. Images posted to social media show a telegenic Giles-Cilliers and Cabrales-Arzola side by side at a party very early Saturday morning. They are the last known pictures of Christy alive and Marcela healthy. 

So how did this party of three women, out for a good time, dressed for a night of clubbing, end up with such disastrous results? The Los Angeles Police Department is tight lipped. Investigators will only confirm they are investigating.

However, Mr. Cilliers believes he has a pretty good idea of what happened based on his knowledge of their plans and information he was able to get off his late wife’s phone via the Cloud. The chain of events, according to Cilliers is below.

The party group was made up of three women —Christy, Marcela and a third woman who wishes to remain anonymous. The third woman was driving. Their meeting spot was the Soho House in the Arts District of Downtown LA. They moved on quickly from there to an "After Hours Warehouse Party" on the edge of downtown and East LA. It’s here where they spent most of the night partying and met three men. By now, it was nearly dawn. The plan was to leave the warehouse party and head to another party in the Hollywood Hills. But the friend who was driving decided instead to head home, leaving the two girlfriends without transportation. Christy and Marcela caught a ride with the three unidentified men, according to Cilliers.

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Jan Cilliers says the women were not taken to the Hollywood Hills party. Instead the GPS on his wife’s phone showed the women were taken to a location in West Hollywood. He theorizes one of the men in the car took them there, most likely against their will. Distressed text messages exchanged between the two women indicated they were trying to get out of there and had called an Uber.

After that, the trail goes cold. That is until later Saturday evening when the two women are dumped at the two hospitals. Sadly, it’s too late for Christy. Emergency room physicians could not revive the young woman who dreamed of making it big in Hollywood. Her friend, Marcela, who reportedly was an honor student in her native Mexico is in critical condition. Cilliers says his information is that Marcela showed signs of an overdose of heroin.

Cilliers is adamant that neither of the women would willingly consume heroin. He’s fearful of the many hours for which he could not account for his wife’s whereabouts. He fears the women were held against their will and possibly sexually assaulted. He wept as he recalled his love for his wife. Cilliers says he’s determined to find the men who did this. A GoFundMe has been set up for Christy, captioned simply "Justice for Christy. "

But will there be justice? Cilliers’ attorney, Joshua Ritter, finds most alarming the two hours that passed in between when the lifeless body of Christy was left at the hospital and when Marcela was dropped off at a different hospital. He says precious time elapsed in which Marcela could have received emergency medical treatment.

As for the LAPD, they won’t theorize on cause of death. Christy’s cause of death will ultimately be determined by the coroner.

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