2 hikers rescued clinging to bush on cliff face in Angeles National Forest

Two men were rescued after being trapped on a cliff off a road in the Angeles National Forest over the weekend.

Around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies received reports that a passerby saw a light shining on a cliff off the Angeles Forest Highway near Big Tujunga Narrows Bridge.

When rescue crews arrived, they found two hikers stick about 125 feet up the cliff face, hanging onto a small bush. Rescuers climbed up the cliff face, secured the two hikers, then had a recuse chopper hoist them all off the cliff to safety. 

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Video provided by the LASD showed the rescue workers assisting the hikers before they were hoisted off the cliff. Neither of the hikers were injured. Officials did not say what led to them getting stuck clinging to the bush.