Small brush fire near Bel-Air believed to be arson

Arson may be to blame for a small brush fire that forced crews to make water drops along the 405 freeway Sunday afternoon. But the fire stirred some frightening memories for people who live in the area.

The fire started at about 1:30 pm and charred about a quarter acre of grass. No one was injured. Investigators say it was arson and believe they have the person who started it in custody.

Ramin Arian lives on a hill in Bel-Air overlooking the 405, just above where the fire started. He and his family had to evacuate in December 2017 during the Skirball Fire that burned 420 acres on the Bel-Air side of the Sepulveda Pass and closed the freeway, nearby businesses and schools. "We had to get our precious belongings and be at motels for two to three days," says Arian. "We were very concerned. We didn't know if we were going to have a home to come back to." Investigators attribute that blaze to an illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment in the pass.

Firefighter extinguished Sunday's brush fire in about a half hour. Bel-Air neighbors are so grateful so they can enjoy Easter with their families peacefully. "I hope that this problem is going to be resolved fast and furious and the city of LA is going to get ahold of it," says Arian.