The Issue Is: Inflation, insurrection and icons

This week on The Issue Is, Elex Michaelson hears from both sides of the aisle on how to combat rising gas prices in the face of mounting inflation - Governor Gavin Newsom and California Assembly Minority Leader James Gallagher lay out their proposals.

Then, as the House January 6th Committee Hearings continue on Capitol Hill, one of the committee’s leading voices, Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), stops by to discuss the latest revelations.

Finally, Michaelson and a murderers’ row of surprise guests pay tribute to a journalistic icon, John Myers, retiring from the profession after nearly 30 years.

The Issue Is: Governor Gavin Newsom

Part two of our exclusive sit-down with Gov. Gavin Newsom. Inflation continues to hammer Americans' wallets. At the same time, California is running a record surplus of nearly $97 billion. With so much extra revenue, the Governor discusses the state’s tax system, and debates over how to reform it.

The Issue Is: State Assembly Minority Leader James Gallagher

As state Democrats debate the size and form of a possible gas rebate, state Republicans have been pushing for an immediate suspension of the state gas tax, which would lower the price of gas by roughly 51 cents per gallon. Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher makes the Republican case:

The Issue Is: Congressman Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands)

This week, more hearings from the House Jan. 6 Committee. Leading one of those hearings was Democratic California Congressman Pete Aguilar (Redlands). Aguilar discussed new revelations about the interactions, or lack thereof, between President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence the day of the Capitol Riot:

The Issue Is: John Myers

After nearly 30 covering California politics, the last seven as Sacramento Bureau Chief for the LA Times, legendary journalist John Myers is leaving journalism - taking on a new role as Chief of Public Affairs for CalPERS. As he transitions into his new line of work, Myers looks back at his time covering California politics and at what made the state such a fascinating one to cover:

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