Petition to kick Greg Hardy out of NFL draws over 70K signatures

One man really wants Dallas Cowboys (and former Carolina Panthers) defensive end Greg Hardy out of the NFL.

And from the signatures gathered on a petition he created, it looks like over 70,000 other NFL fans agree with him.

Freddy Martinez, a Philadelphia Eagles fan from Roy, Utah, created a petition on as a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, pleading for the two to remove Hardy from the league.

The petition sought to gather 75,000 signatures. The New York Daily News reports the petition gathered over 35,000 signatures in the first day.

It has now gathered over 71,000 co-signers...and counting.

See the petition here.

Hardy appealed a guilty ruling for domestic violence handed down by a judge in a case involving his former girlfriend Nicole Holder. Holder refused to appear in court and accepted a civil settlement from Hardy, causing the case to be thrown out.

Last month, Deadspin published photos allegedly from the night Hardy was arrested and charged with domestic assault against Holder. Police in Charlotte never officially released the photos.

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