3 women crash Hollywood Hills party, stole clothes, took watch off sleeping friend's wrist, host says

Three party-crashers made their way to Hollywood Hills and allegedly stole stuff from the house.

A surveillance video shows three women, all of them nicely dressed in going-out attire, excitedly going up the steps that led to a home on North Kings Road in the Hollywood Hills area. Once inside, the women stole clothes from Jana's home.

All this happened while the victim was busy hosting a house party.

"I didn't see them," said Jana. "I was in the back. They went straight up the stairs, into the bedrooms."

Jana said the suspect stole her clothes and some of her jewelry has since gone missing. Jana said her friend, who was asleep in one of the rooms at the time of the break-in, had her watch stolen from her wrist.

Since the alleged burglary, two of the three women have since been arrested. A third suspect remains on the run.