Woman punched by cop while her family's home was burning in Huntington Park

On July 4 around 10 p.m., a fire engulfed the home of Adriana Hernández and her parents. That was just the beginning of a devastating and traumatic night for Adriana.

Captured in a cell phone video, Adriana can be seen trying to run towards her father amidst the chaos in Huntington Park. Officers quickly blocked her path. 

A bystander yells, "Hey, hey, hey! She lives here." 

Suddenly, a female officer punches Adriana in the face.

"The officer saw the situation. There was so much emotion. She could have easily hugged me and said, 'Hey, stop, you can't go right there.' But no, she immediately started being aggressive. She ripped my shirt and hit me multiple times. I kept telling her to stop. She was a little bit shorter than me, and I pushed her away because I wanted her to stop hitting me, but she just wouldn't," says Adriana.

Neighbors and officers tried to intervene. According to Adriana, one officer apologized for the female officer's actions but later denied being present during the incident.

Following the assault, Adriana was told she was being arrested. 

Retired LAPD Detective Moses Castillo, a victim's advocate, believes the arrest was an attempt to justify the officer's actions. 

"Normally, when an officer strikes someone in the face, they're doing it because the person is attacking the officer or going after their weapon," Castillo explains. 

Adriana insists she did no such thing. 

"I never hit her... that was never the point to fight. I just wanted to be with my dad," she said.

Adriana, a civil engineering student, fears this incident could ruin her future. 

"I'm charged as a felon, and I don't think that's right. I want help, to be honest," she pleads.

The Huntington Park Police Department issued the following statement:

"The incident is under administrative review to determine the full facts and circumstances resulting in the use of force to ensure compliance with department policy."

The city of Huntington Park also issued a statement in part acknowledging the use of force investigation, saying "We aim to provide a fair and just process for all parties involved."

Castillo hopes the police department will make amends.

"It's sad. I hope that Huntington Park Police Department makes it right, drops all the charges, and apologizes," he said.

Adding to their woes, Adriana and her parents are now homeless. Their landlord informed them that repairs would take a long time, and they were on their own. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Adriana and her family. Those looking to help can click here for more information.