Woman claims she got stolen Jeep as 'birthday tip' from customer, police say

A woman allegedly told police the stolen Jeep she was driving was a "birthday tip."

On April 1, the Tulsa Police Department responded to a call of a possible stolen white Jeep Liberty. Police tracked the Jeep before eventually pulling the driver over.

The driver of the Jeep, Angela Harrison, allegedly told police she was at a gas station an hour before getting pulled over. Harrison allegedly told police she ran into a former customer from her Waffle House days and the customer gave her $10 in cash and the SUV because her 53rd birthday was coming up, Tulsa PD said.

Tulsa PD, however, said the story didn't add up, as the Jeep was reported stolen before Christmas 2023. In addition, Tulsa PD has a surveillance photo possibly resembling Harrison in the same Jeep from January 2024.

Tulsa PD said Harrison confirmed she was in fact in that photo, but the suspect could not explain how she got in the car when she initially claimed she got it as a gift in April 2024.

Harrison was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. Tulsa PD said the owner of the car died last year and the Jeep has since been returned to the owner's family.

This story on a Tulsa, Oklahoma case was reported from Los Angeles.