Woman forgets phone after shoplifting California nail supply store, goes back to get it

A woman accused of shoplifting at a nail supply store in California returned to the building after realizing she left her phone there.

The woman, who was with a second suspect, targeted the nail supply store in Murrieta on September 19. 

According to the store owner, the two women went into the store pretending to buy the supplies. When it came time to pay, the suspects instead ran out of the building with about $600 worth of items.

One of the suspects returned to the store after realizing her phone and her ID were still at the business she allegedly shoplifted. She demanded her phone back, but the store owner and the clerk told her she can get her phone back if she returned the allegedly stolen items.

Instead of making peace, the suspect threw the owner to the ground and roughed up the cashier who was pregnant.

Both suspects were eventually arrested about a mile away from the store.