White whale spotted hunting with pod in Monterey Bay

A group of whale watchers captured a rare sight out in Monterey Bay Sunday — a white whale, or more specifically a white orca. 

Frosty the killer whale was spotted in the Bay Sunday, traveling and hunting with a group, according to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch. The whale was identified by the California Killer Whale Project.

Frosty's easy to spot, standing out among his hunting group while he swims alongside them.

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The Monterey Bay Whale Watch says there are a few things that could explain Frosty's distinct coloring. One of them is called leucism, which is a lack of pigmentation. Another explanation the group said, could be Chediak-Higashi syndrome, which is an immune disorder. 

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Frosty the Killer whale (Monterey Bay Whale Watch/Evan Brodsky)

The group said Frosty and his gand hunted an elephant seal and at least one California sea lion during their excursion Sunday.

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According to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch, Frosty is about four years old, and was born sometime between July and August 2019.