Wednesday's Child: August, who is interested in studying psychology, would love a forever family

Meet August, an older teen in foster care who is interested in the field of psychology. 

With that in mind, the Los Angeles Police Museum served as a backdrop for August to learn about the evolution of police services and some of their specialized units. Members of the LAPD’s Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team (aka SMART) Program were on hand to discuss the role of psychology within the LAPD.  

August learned that some of the police officers there held doctorate degrees in psychology as they expounded about law enforcement practices that are more sensitive to mental health needs. Having a somewhat analytical approach to things already, August took this opportunity to take it all in and to ask some logical questions.

August (b. 8/2007) shared that part of the desire to study psychology comes from wanting to help people and be there when there is no one else for them. August recognizes that crisis interventions need to be sensitive to mental health needs and would like to one day be in a position to help people with their struggles. Learning about the LAPD’s SMART Program helped August see a different aspect of law enforcement and how psychology intersects with different fields.

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