VIDEO: DTLA jewelry store employees fight off 6 smash-and-grab robbers

Video shows the employees of a jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles thwarting a group of six attempted smash-and-grab robbers.

The incident happened on Tuesday around 3 p.m. at a store located in the 600 block of Hill Street. 

Surveillance video shared with FOX 11 shows the suspects - all dressed in black - trying to take cases of jewelry. One suspect is seen trying to smash the glass display but isn't successful. 

The employees, however, appear to fight back. Some move the jewelry cases and form what looks like a blockade against the robbers.


Another employee is seen throwing a large glass, mirrored object at the suspects as other employees join in on throwing things at the would-be robbers. At one point a chair is seen hitting one of the suspects.

A security guard then appears in the frame approaching the suspects with a gun drawn then leaving the store.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the six suspects were last seen headed northbound on Hill Street, empty-handed. 

Three suspect vehicles are being sought - a new model black Mercedes with tinted windows and no license plate, a white Mercedes with no license plate, and a white Kia with license plate 8MNT909.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.