Venice man attacked by homeless woman's dogs on walk home from work

A Venice man is recovering after he said he was attacked by dogs owned by a homeless woman while walking home from work.

Carlos Hernandez was walking back home on June 2, when his family said the two dogs attacked him. His family said that the dogs were owned by a homeless woman who lived out of a van. They said the dogs were laying on the sidewalk without leashes.

That's when the dogs big Carlos' hands, one dog on each, and refused to let go. Carlos was able to get away, but was left with deep cuts in both of his hands. He had to see a specialist to take care of the puncture wounds.

"You just want to go get some dinner," Carlos said on his walk home from work. "You don't expect nothing. Nothing like that."

According to his family, Carlos works multiple jobs to take care of his family and is not able to work while he recovers. 

The family put together a GoFundMe campaign to help Carlos and family with medical expenses and raised enough money to pay for Carlos' care.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to FOX 11 that the two dogs were taken into custody but might be released. Hernandez said LAPD referred him to animal control. Animal control told Hernandez one of the dogs might be returned to Venice with the owner.

FOX 11 reached out directly to animal control and is waiting to hear back.