Is the 'tradwife' life for you?

Have you heard of the term tradwife?

It stands for "traditional wife," and it's a trend that is coming back...or perhaps it never went away? 

Tradwives is a subculture of housewives who believe in clear gender roles, the importance of homemaking and a patriarchal marriage, according to many women who self-identify as tradwives.

Tradwives are women who honor femininity, care for their husbands, children and family, and value the state of their home more than they do a salary, yet are not subservient, according to the Darling Academy, which aims to provide education on proper British etiquette.

"Though a traditional housewife may submit to her husband, she is not considered of lesser importance to him, or allows herself to be in a position that threatens her right," says the group's "What is a Trad Wife?" guide. 

"A traditional woman’s place is not under a man’s feet, but under his wing, by his side."

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1950s Smiling Housewife At Stove Giving Happy Husband Taste Of Her Cooking. (Photo by Debrocke/Classicstock/Getty Images)

Estee Williams is a self-proclaimed tradwife. She has almost 100,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares videos of herself as homemaker - cooking most meals from scratch, baking, cleaning, gardening, and doing laundry. Williams said she's received some backlash for choosing the life and lifestyle of a traditional wife.

"No tradwife TikTokers are saying ‘every woman’s place is in their own home.' We as individuals are just choosing to be homemakers - that's all," she said. 

Some tradwives, like Williams, wear 1950s-inspired clothing and style their hair with retro cuts and "Marilyn bobs." Many believe in clearly defined gender roles.

"Tradwives just believe we are here as women for a different role, equally as important."

On submitting to her husband and serving her family, Williams said "that triggers people because the word ‘submit’ or ‘serve’ it makes women think that we're saying that we're less than a man, and that's not what we're saying."

Tradwives lean out of the workforce and into homemaking.

"Though a traditional housewife may submit to her husband, she is not considered of lesser importance to him, or allow herself to be in a position that threatens her rights…A traditional housewife chooses her husband based on his ability to care for people, provide for their children, and most importantly upon his integrity and values," according to The Darling Academy.

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