The Masked Singer debuts on FOX 11 January 2nd

Host Nick Cannon and his panel of celebrities walked the purple carpet in West Hollywood for the debut of the new FOX show, 'The Masked Singer.'

I definitely don't know who is behind the mask playing along made it a good time for me." said Cannon.

The series features famous faces who sing while hidden behind an elaborate mask leaving the panelists to guess their identities.

"The actresses that debuted their singing voices are what's really going to shock people", said tv personality and panelist, Jenny McCarthy.

'The Masked Singer is a huge hit in Korea with billions of fans. But when actor Ken Jeong was offered the job as a panelist, it took some convincing by his mom.

"And my mom's like you gotta do it and I'm like why and she sent me links of every episode and I was hooked."said Jeong.

Jenny McCarthy, escorted by husband Donny Wahlberg thought he might be have been one of the 12 concealed contestants.

The TV personality also said she loved the custom designed masks.

"Once you see them on stage they're definitely these people's alter egos and it's done so beautifully."

Each week one contestant is unmasked. For singer Robin Thicke it was a real guessing game.

"Half the time we were wrong and had no idea and half the time with the family feud figuring it out together we got a few right." Thicke said.

'The Masked Singer' will also keep viewers guessing week after week.

The show debuts January 2nd on FOX 11.