The Issue Is: Working out with Arnold Schwarzenegger

This week, a special edition of "The Issue Is," as Elex Michaelson works out at the iconic Gold's Gym with former California Governor, Mr. Olympia, and all-around superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Following the workout, Michaelson and Schwarzenegger sit down for an extensive one-on-one interview. Among the many topics discussed? Schwarzenegger's new book, "Be Useful," and his own prescriptions for overcoming failure, strengthening the mind, and, of course, how to be useful.

The conversation also tackles important news of the day, Schwarzenegger weighing in on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and the ensuing rise in Anti-Semitism here and abroad, Schwarzenegger revealing conversations he had with his own Nazi Officer father about Jewish people who had helped make his own dreams a reality. 

The star of "The Terminator" and "Predator" also reacts to the end of the historic 118-day SAG-AFTRA Strike and how current debates over the rise in Artificial Intelligence may have been predicted back in James Cameron's 1980's classic about man fighting machines.

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