Temecula Valley United School Superintendent fired amid Harvey Milk controversy

Major shakeup hits the Temecula Valley Unified School District. The board voted to fire Superintendent Jodi McClay.

The firing comes as the district was at the center of controversy over the board banning a social studies textbook that discusses slain San Francisco Supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk. Earlier in the month, School Board President Joseph Komrosky called Milk a pedophile.

As the ban went into effect, some families protested outside the school board building to protest the curriculum ban, in addition to showing support for now-former Superintendent Jodi McClay.

"There are so many of us parents who want this stuff to be implemented, and we know that it is good for our children, but they are doing it unwise and unwell just due to their own political agenda," said Mandy, a parent.

Assistant Superintendent Kimberly Velez will take over on an interim basis.