Teenager loses hand while volunteering at a camp for kids with cancer

17-year-old Jakob's Zuhr's life forever changed last weekend when he became in amputee.

The high school senior lost his left hand while volunteering to cut firewood at a camp for children with cancer.

"I was holding the log by both ends and the lever was pulled as I was turning the log and it crushed my hand," he said.

Zuhr said the accident could have been prevented if the other volunteer operating the machine wasn't distracted.

"She looked over at her grandchild that had just tripped," he said. "She pulled the lever not noticing my hand was there."

Zuhr was airlifted to a local hospital where his mom Kendra Scoville said doctors told her they couldn't save his hand.

"When I got into the emergency room he was in hysterics and it was already wrapped up," Scoville said. "We could see his finger tips already turning grey."

Scoville wants the camp held accountable for what happened to her son who was volunteering to get community serve hours towards graduation.

The Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times operates out of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Zuhr said he signed up for the wood cutting, but he said the camp only gave a brief safety demonstration and proper procedures weren't followed.

"That machine gave off an extremely loud sound so we had to have ear plugs and you couldn't ear each other," he said. "We used hand gestures as in go or stop and none of those were used."

Scoville questions whether it's appropriate for teenage volunteers to use a wood splitting machine.

"There needs to be something more that happens than just, 'I'm sorry,'" she said. "I mean my poor child's whole life is about to change."

The camp sent FOX 11 the following statement:
'Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is saddened to hear about the recent incident involving our volunteer and our thoughts and prayers are with him as he receives medical treatment. We are currently in the process of conducting a thorough investigation of this unfortunate incident.'