Some churches will reopen, they say with or without Gov. Newsom’s permission

The weekend of May 31st, evangelical churches are promising to open their churches.

It’s one of the most important dates for Christians - the celebration of the Pentecost, when the spirit of Jesus descended on the first disciples.

Considered by evangelical Christians as the birthday, or beginning of the church, it’s the date that a coalition of churches in California have chosen to open their doors for services, with or without Governor Newsom's approval.

Saying they represent 1500 churches across the state, Pastors made the announcement at Fontana’s Water of Life Church. They explain that they have been working on guidelines to open safely, with the governor’s office, but add they will not wait for Phase 3, which is where they are slated to get relaxed rules.

Ideas include to have small gatherings in large auditoriums, put up plexiglass barriers, use masks, and so forth.

What they don’t seem willing to give up, any longer, is the ability to meet, in person, with the people they minister to. So far, evangelicals are on the lead of fighting the state to be able to gather and worship, and so far, the courts have ruled against their requests for injunctions and lawsuits.

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