SoCal Edison could shut off power to some areas due to fire danger

One year ago the Woolsey Fire ripped through Southern California destroying hundreds of homes.

California’s major power providers warned that they likely will be shutting off electricity to thousands of customers during this red flag warning to reduce the potential of an electrical fire.

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“They’ve notified us all so at least we’re aware of it,” said Agoura Hills resident Kathy Nissen.

She was evacuated last year. She said she has two generators ready to go and is hoping she won’t need to use them or flee her home again.

“It’s don’t want to be caught in a fire and you don’t want to lose any lives,” said Nissen.

With 70 mph Santa Ana Winds expected to begin Thursday morning, Southern California Edison alerted customers of potential power outages. Officials say the outages will be based on heavy wind conditions that could damage power lines and spark fires.

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“This morning things were flying off the shelves...people were coming in they’re concerned they’re nervous about what’s going to happen when the power goes out,” said Michele Borowski, Operations Manager of DIY Home Center in Agoura Hills.

According to Borowski, the top-selling items include batteries, flashlights, hand-crank chargers, emergency survival kits and gas-powered generators to run refrigerators and TV’s.

“1 to 2 gallons will run for about 8 hours depending on how many items you have coming from that generator and the pull coming from that generator,” said Borowski.

Meanwhile, rattled nerves continue in the burn areas.

“It’s scary, we’re just about a year out from what we went through and life changing events and yeah it’s a quick reminder of what could happen again,” said Tyler Turquand.

What did happen in Tyler Turquand’s neighborhood? At least 10 homes were destroyed near Parkmor Drive. A year later empty lots still remain. fortunately, Tyler’s home was spared.

“We’re on edge all of us that stayed have an idea of what we need to do this time,” said Turquand.

Some 70,000 customers in L.A. and Ventura County could be impacted by the outages.

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