Snow moon stargazers brave the cold LA temperatures

It's called a Super Snow Moon with February being the snowiest month. Normally, SoCal doesn't have to worry about the "snow" part, but with temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s, snow is a real concern.

The past few weeks, snow levels of 2,500-feet have closed down the 5 Freeway through the Grapevine several times leaving travelers stranded and just about everyone saying they've never seen a cold LA winter like this.

On Tuesday, stargazers lined up with their cell phones atop one of the highest spots in the city of Los Angeles aiming to shoot the snow moon, but that came with some of the lowest temperatures. A lot of people were bundled up and wrapped in their scarves.

There is a Frost Advisory until 8 a.m. Wednesday in parts of the San Fernando Valley. Bring your pets indoors and cover your plants.