Falling cell phone hits girl in face while on Six Flags roller coaster; 2nd incident in 2 months

A family is asking for answers after their 9-year-old daughter was struck in the face by a flying cell phone while riding the new Wonder Woman rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain earlier this year.

The incident happened over the summer on Aug. 2. Emily Kreisberg, the victim’s mother, told FOX 11 that despite reporting the incident involving her daughter Kaiya to park officials and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, nothing has been done.

"Our ride safety policy strictly prohibits loose articles, including cell phones, on all rides and attractions. Lockers and storage pouches are available for guests to secure personal items while riding. Safety is a partnership between our guests and the park, and guests must follow all written and verbal instructions for safe riding," park officials said in a statement to FOX 11.

The Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is the tallest and longest single-rail rollercoaster in the world and propels riders single file through the sky at speeds of nearly 60 miles an hour.

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A similar incident occurred at the park in July. In that circumstance, eight-year-old Evie Evans required stitches for her injuries sustained when a cell phone struck her in the face.

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Kaiya did not require stitches, but her family says she has scars on her forehead.

According to the LASD, no crime was committed by the person who dropped their phone.