Girl gets stitches after flying cell phone hits her in face on Six Flags coaster, family says

An eight-year-old girl needed 10 stitches on her forehead after a flying cell phone hit her in the face while she was riding on a roller coaster, her family told FOX 11. 

The Evans family took a trip to Six Flags in Valencia over Fourth of July weekend, but the trip ended in a "nightmare" after Josh Evans says his 8-year-old daughter Evie was injured while riding on the Twisted Colossus with her mother, Della. 

The two were seated together, Evans said, when on the ride Evie was suddenly hit squarely between the eyes. Evie started screaming, and her face was bleeding badly. 

When the ride ended, Della called out for help, but Evans said the park employee ignored her. The two were still trying to figure out what happened when Evans said another rider yelled out, "It was a cell phone." 

He said that a father and daughter a few cars back watched the phone fly out of another passenger's hand and into Evie's forehead. The daughter apparently caught the phone and turned it in to the park staff. 

A girl needed stitches after a flying cell phone hit her face while she was on a roller coaster, her family tells FOX 11.

A girl needed stitches after a flying cell phone hit her face while she was on a roller coaster, her family tells FOX 11. (FOX 11)

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Evans said that the phone's owner was searching for his phone after the ride, but when he saw the girl's injury said it wasn't "a big deal" and left the area seemingly in a rush. Evie was taken to the park's first aid center, then to the emergency room where she received 10 stitches for the cut on her face.  

Evans says the family is still searching for answers. He said when he returned to the park, Guest Relations, First Aid and security all had no information for him, and when he tried to the Santa Clarita Sheriff's station, they said they couldn't help him because what happened wasn't a crime. 

FOX 11 has reached out to Six Flags, who said in a statement that they'd already responded to Evans' requests for information, and that the park's policy "strictly prohibits all loose articles on rides," and that "guests must follow all written and verbal instructions for safe riding."

Evans said he wasn't satisfied with the park's response. "I guess it was a friendly way to say that they are not taking responsibility for what happened," he said in an email to FOX 11. "So who is at fault here?"