Shoeshine man, his wife facing eviction in Los Angeles

For over 30 years, Gustavo Martinez and his wife Ana have called a cozy 2-bedroom apartment in the Fairfax District their home.

But their lives were abruptly upended nearly three weeks ago when they received a 60-day notice to vacate.

In disbelief, Gustavo recounts his conversation with the landlord.

"I said to the lady, but why? I always pay my rent on time. I never make a problem," he said.

The reason? The landlord purportedly intends to relocate his son into their apartment.

"This is so shocking to us; when we got this news, our world disappeared all at once," Ana said.

Rose Lenehan, an LA Tenant's Union organizer, sheds light on their plight.

"It happens all the time that landlords like Gustavo's seem to kick poor working-class tenants out of their homes and circumvent the rent stabilization ordinance in all kinds of ways," Lenehan said.

Gustavo, who earns a living shining shoes at a Beverly Hills barbershop, and Ana, a housekeeper, have diligently managed to afford their $1,800 monthly rent. Still, they say, they can't afford a higher rent.

"Sometimes I cannot sleep... I'm sweating all night long, thinking what's going to happen tomorrow... counting the days," Gustavo admits, struggling with uncertainty.

Despite an offer of relocation assistance shy of $13,000, the couple remains adamant that it falls short of addressing their dire predicament. Ana's visit to the housing department yielded disheartening words.

"He or she can do whatever they want; it's their property," she said.

"That's why there are so many homeless people on the streets. They can't afford the food, the rent," Gustavo laments.

We tried to get a comment from the landlord, but no one got back to FOX 11. Gustavo and Ana have less than a month to move out. 

An online fundraiser has since been launched in hopes of helping the couple. Those looking to help can click here.