Second batch of CA inflation relief payments go out Monday: Here's who will get paid

If you have yet to receive your inflation relief payment, today could be your lucky day as the second batch of payments - in the form of debit cards - will be sent out Monday. 

More eligible Californians will be getting some extra money from the state in an effort to help combat the rising costs of pretty much everything from gas prices to food.

The first round of payments began disbursement on Oct. 7 via direct deposit.


How much you receive will be based on your income, residency, filing status, and household size. 

Here's what you need to know.

Who is part of this second round?

You will get a debit card if the following criteria apply to you :

  • You are a Golden State Stimulus I or II check recipient
  • Your last name begins with A-E

The disbursement period for debit cards in this second round is now through Nov. 5.

The first group to get their hands (or bank accounts) on the Middle Class Tax Refund was Californians who received the Golden State Stimulus payments (either the first or second round) via direct deposit. Those people should have received a payment between Oct. 7 and Oct. 25. 

Californians are reminded that direct deposits typically occur within 3-5 business days from the issue date, but may vary by bank. 

Allow up to 2 weeks from the issue date to receive your debit card by mail.

Am I eligible?

Around 23 million California residents are eligible for the one-time payment, which has been set up in three tiers based on the adjusted gross income on your 2020 California state tax return.

In addition to meeting income requirements, residents must have filed their 2020 tax refund by Oct. 15, 2021, have lived in the state of California for at least half of the 2020 tax year and still be California residents on the date the payment is issued.

You also cannot have been claimed as a dependent by someone else in the 2020 tax year. 

How much will I get?

The exact figure Californians will pocket depends on several factors including adjusted gross income, filing status, and dependents.

Single people who make less than $75,000 per year will receive $350 and joint filers who make less than $150,000 per year would get $700 plus an extra $350 for a dependent. Here's a breakdown:

Joint returns

  • AGI of $150,000 or less: $1,050 with dependent or $700 without
  • AGI $150,001 to $250,000: $750 with dependent or $500 without.
  • AGI of $250,001 to $500,000: $600 with dependent or $400 without.

Head of Household

  • AGI of $150,000 or less: $700 with dependent or $350 without.
  • AGI of $150,001 to $250,000: $500 with dependent or $250 without.
  • AGI of $250,001 to $500,000: $400 with dependent or $200 without.

Those who file single

  • AGI of $75,000 or less: $700 with dependent or $350 without.
  • AGI of $75,001 to $125,000: $500 with dependent or $250 without.
  • AGI of $125,001 to $250,000: $400 with dependent or $200 without

Single filers making more than $250,000 and joint filers making more than $500,000 are not eligible for payments.

You can estimate your refund using the Franchise Tax Board website calculator.

Will I get a debit card or direct deposit?

You'll get direct deposit if…

  • You received the first or second Golden State Stimulus (GSS I and II) via direct deposit.
  • If you filed electronically and you received a tax refund by direct deposit.

You'll get a debit card if…

  • You filed a paper return.
  • You had a balance due.
  • Received your Golden State Stimulus payment by check.
  • Received your tax refund by check regardless of filing method.
  • Received your 2020 tax refund by direct deposit, but have since changed your banking institution or bank account number.
  • Received an advance payment from your tax service provider, or paid your tax preparer fees using your tax refund.

If I'm not in the second batch, when will I get mine?

Payments for those in the second round are expected through Nov. 14. 

The next group to receive inflation relief payments will be GSS I or II check recipients with last name beginning with F-M from Nov. 6 through Nov. 19 You can see an updated timeline of debit card payments here. 

The FTB expects about 90% of direct deposits to be issued in October, with about 95% of all MCTR payments — direct deposit and debit cards combined — to be issued by the end of this year.