School for DJs: The Beat Junkie Institute of Sound

The Beat Junkies Institute of Sound is like a university for those who want to become DJ's."I don't think there's anything else like it in the world," said co-founder DJ Babu.

In the 1990s, Babu battled in international DJing competitions. Several of the competitors teamed up to form the Beat Junkies.

In 2017, they founded their school in Glendale.

"Instead of complaining about the world of DJs, why not do something about it?" Babu said.

Babu said "I didn't realize that when you share and help others, you benefit more than the actual person who's the student."

Students here are taught on old school vinyl records before moving onto computers.

"I love technology but I thought it was great to give a student perspective of whose shoulders they stood on to get here first," he said.

Samantha Garong, known as DJ Sammi G, was one of the first students here.

"I didn't know one thing about DJing at all before I came here!" she said. "It was like love at first scratch!"

Now, Garong is DJing professionally several times a week.

Sherille Samson is six months through the program.

She's known as DJ Dr. Samson because she has a Ph.D.

"It's so exhilarating!" she said.

"The fact that I know more about music in the last 6 months only makes me want to pursue it more!"

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