California inflation relief payment scams: What you need to know

Heads up if you have yet to receive your California inflation relief payment!

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is warning the public of scammers targeting your Middle Class Tax Relief check or debit card. 

In a video statement, Feuer noted that Middle Class Tax Relief payments are made by direct deposit or a debit card sent via postal mail. But many Californians, according to Feuer, don't know this or don't know how the program works, which "creates an opening for scammers."

How exactly are they doing this? 

You may receive a suspicious link via text on your phone urging you to "activate" or "reactivate" your refund debit card. If you get one of these texts or something similar, delete it immediately. 


Officials said if you click the link, scammers will be able to steal your personal information such as credit card or social security numbers.