Santa Clarita landslide triggers evacuations of at least 5 homes

A sliding hillside has prompted the evacuation of at least five homes in the Skyline Ranch neighborhood in Santa Clarita Monday.

The landslide happened Sunday around 2 p.m. and has affected at least five homes on Plume Way, but authorities said at this time the slide appears to have affected only the backyards of the new, mostly single-family homes. 

According to officials, about eight feet of the backyards of the houses on top of the hill slid down. 

"LA County fire crews monitored the hillside last night and did not notice any slippage," authorities said. 

Homeowners told FOX 11 they received a notice a few weeks ago that tarps would be put up to combat possible erosion due to the recent storms, but they did not realize there could be a potential landslide.

"The city supervisor was here last night and said they knew nothing about any issues we were having on that hillside until he was called out yesterday," one neighbor said. 


People in the area also said that a nearby sidewalk appears to look worse this morning than it was yesterday when the slide happened. It was smashed by rolling boulders.

Authorities are still at the scene surveying the area. 

"The city will do everything it can do to expedite the inspections and permits to get the residents back home as safely and swiftly as possible," officials added.

No injuries have been reported.