San Bernardino officers save 3-year-old from being shot by armed suspect in deadly shooting

Officers shot and killed a woman in a San Bernardino home over the weekend, after they found her pointing a gun at a three-year-old boy's head. 

Police were called to the 200 block of E. 21st Street at 8 a.m., after a woman called 911 saying that another woman was armed inside the home with her grandson. When officers got there, they said the woman, identified as 35-year-old Darvet Brown, walked onto the balcony and pointed a gun at officers. 

Brown then went back into the house with the three-year-old and locked the door. The woman who called police said that Brown had already fired the gun inside the home at least once.

Police then kicked in the apartment door, and the first officer inside saw Brown standing on a bed, pointing the gun at the boy. San Bernardino Police shared a still frame of the officer's body camera footage showing the scene.


"The child was crying and was in immediate danger of being shot at that moment," the SBPD wrote in a statement. That's when the officer shot at Brown. The department said those shots injured her, but she maintained control of the gun, and when officers ordered her to drop it, she continued pointing it at the child. That's when the officer shot her again.

Other officers ran to grab the child. He wasn't injured and was reunited with his family.

Police tried to revive Brown, but she was declared dead at the scene. Police said she was not related to the child, and the reasons she pointed the gun at the boy and the cops weren't immediately clear.

A woman who lives in the apartment building told FOX 11 that she, her husband and her grandson were held hostage and were nearly killed. 

She was able to run outside and call the police for help after they were separated into different rooms. 

She added the suspect was a close friend staying the night who was experiencing some type of mental health episode. 

Police are still investigating the shooting.