Riverside correctional officer accused of sextortion by 2 women in the county's custody

Two Inland Empire women claim they were offered money by Riverside County to cover up a sheriff correctional officer’s alleged sexual assaults on them

Deputy Christian Phillip Heidecker was criminally charged with 18 felonies, to which he pled not guilty. 

Investigators said the 32-year-old deputy used his position to extort sexual material and force sex acts on at least four women, who were serving time in home confinement.

Officials said that the women were offered "a thousand dollars to keep their mouths shut."


Civil attorneys Denisse Gastelum and Christian Contreras filed claims with the County of Riverside alleging that their clients were not only sexually assaulted, but that the payoffs were illegal because they were "compelled" while the women were in the county’s custody.

More women are expected to come forward, according to officials.

Heidecker is being held on $1 million bail.