Murrieta youth coach arrested for alleged assault of 14-year-old boy on opposing team

A Murrieta youth coach was arrested after allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old player on the opposing team, who as a result suffered an eye injury and concussion, according to his mother.

The incident happened Sept. 23 around 5:42 p.m. at a youth tackle football recreation league game that was being held at Vista Murrieta High School. 

An investigation revealed one of the coaches, 50-year-old Eibylardo Funes, had struck a 14-year-old player on the opposing team during a fight that ensued among the two team's players, coaches, and parents.

Officials said the boy suffered an injury to his eye and exhibited symptoms of a concussion. 

That boy's mother, Neenah Kaowili, has since spoken out on social media demanding justice for her son, Harlem.

"This coach purposely full force intentionally caused injury and harm to my CHILD! He was then protected by his staff, parents, and team," Kaowili wrote on Facebook.

"VistaMurrieta Chapter needs to give answers as to why this adult is a COACH, and allowed to be in the presence of Children when he can NOT keep himself CALM!!!" she added.

"This is NOT OK! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Our Family is Hurting!!! I will NOT STOP!" she continued.

Accompanying the post, she shared a video of what appears to be her sitting by her son's side on the field after the incident took place. 

One person can be heard in the short clip screaming for an ambulance.

"Harlem, wake up, wake up, Harlem," one person is heard saying repeatedly. 

Funes was arrested for charges including child abuse with possibly great bodily injury and battery. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

Authorities noted the youth football league is not affiliated with the Murrieta Valley Unified School District, and that Funes is not an employee of the district.

Anyone with information is asked to contact  Officer Meyer at (951) 461-6882 or or call the Murrieta Police Department Communications Center at (951) 304-2677.